Nitro Festival Belfast, 24 October 2010!

At a time of year when most things are beginning to wind down, Belfast’s central business district is about to go full throttle as the NITRO FESTIVAL roars into town.
On Sunday 24th October, Belfast Showpark on the Boucher Road will stage some of the best live motorsport action ever seen within the city. Top Rally Stars in their famous cars will combine their efforts to provide onlookers with a breath-taking display of speed and skill. Topping the bill are ex British & Irish Rallycross Champion Lawrence Gibson in the 6R4 and Mk2 Escort hero Wesley Patterson. Two men well associated with seriously sideways shenanigans.
Located right next door to the Charles Hurst complex, the walled arena will echo the sounds of Rally cars, Drift cars and an array of racing thoroughbreds. Such cars as the Metro 6R4, Subaru Impreza and Mk2 Escort have combined over the decades to produce that famous soundtrack of Irish Rallying; one that has inspired fans for many generations.
Nitro Festival will combine these great legends with the tyre smoke and flames of the Japanese Drift cars to produce a supercharged symphony of speed that will define the modern era. These machines will go head-to-head in an Auto Gymkhana style battle made famous by the Youtube phenomena that is Ken Block, in an all out attempt to claim superiority.
Adding to the action packed program will be the Blue Max Jet Beetle, with its 40ft afterburner lighting up the arena. The 2 wheeled fraternity will be represented by UK land speed record holder Jack Frost with his line-up of turbo charged bikes, including his incredible 700+Bhp Hayabusa.
Oval Racing will be well represented with Hot Rods, Formula 2’s and Autograssers. The ever popular Auto Test cars and the unintentionally comical Mini Moto racers will bring a smile to everyone’s face, plus there will be some light entertainment provided in the shape of Car Soccer, as seen on BBC’s Top Gear.
Providing the essential injection of street cred will be the various modified car clubs on display. As a radical example of one of the best engineered modified cars in the UK & Ireland, we are extremely fortunate to have the Mad Marangoni Yaris joining us; this unassuming supermini sporting a mid mounted 550Bhp MR2 Turbo engine, with which it can claim the title of World’s Fastest Yaris!
 This event being a showcase for all things automotive will let people see where they can find an outlet for their inner speed demon, in a safe and controlled environment, away from the public roads. This will be a rare opportunity for would-be street racers to interact with their sporting heroes as part of a cross section of the modern day scene.
This family orientated event has something for all ages. What better way to stave off the onset of winter blues than to blast them away with some hair-raising revelry. Doors open to the public on Sunday 24thOctober at 11am, with action continuing right up until 7pm.
It’ll be a ‘flaming’ good show!