Damn, we getting lazy at Just Blaze Media!

Must be the sun here on the Costa Del Sol. To much time spent by the pool and down at the port, sorry about that, but we are building something meaninglessly epic! No not a tower of empty beer bottles nor a pool filled with clunge! I personally find that my best ideas come when the sun is out and fam are telling me that the weather back in Northern Ireland is being, well abit "meh", sunny with rain, thats hardly fair! Hopefully it will be better in July and August.

Its funny I came out to Spain with our plan laid in virtual stone, but things have changed, its sad to see how much a resort can deteriorate in just two summers, but damn "Bar Inc" are no longer heading to Benalmadena. The search is on, or we might just sit by the pool enjoying the weather and some chilled San Miguel! Laters. Heading down to the port for dinner and drinks!
Lets face it, who wants to work when this is your crib!