Marbella Luxury Weekend 2011

Wow, what a weekend it has been. I was in Puerto Banus for the "Marbella Luxury Weekend" and it has to said it was rather nice! Great to see see the Port on a high, the past few years and the economy had changed the face of it, but it looks like it has got its shine back, damn even the 2nd Row from the marina  affectionately named "Hell Street" (LOL) is beginning to look kinda nice, lose the pickpockets and hookers and it will be even better! Who would have thought? Truely epic weekend. The highlights of the weekend included the the McLaren and Ascari events. I got loads of pics and videos of the happenings and will be posting them later on this week.

Thanks to:
Don Carlos Hotel - Marbella
Babilonia Bar - Puerto Banus
Picasso Italian Restaurant - Puerto Banus
Helle Hollis Car Rental - Malaga