Ranger Rover: Range Stormer by West Coast Customs Video

The Range Stormer as it is called is one of only three in the world, this car was built by West Coast Customs and is based on an official Range Rover rendering from 2004 that never made it into production. A full build of the first of the three Stormers can be seen on the First Series of the "Street Customs" or if you reside in the UK "Custom My Ride" (really stupid name, like WCC want to be remembered for that Pimp My Ride shit). The first stormer built was a deep orange colour very much of the time in 2008 and suited the styling of the car much more than the white one featured in this video, but then its not my 250k. Hell, perhaps the styling could even be called dated, when these were first built they looked mad but still cool, lets face it today the car needs updating! Personally I think the Stormer would look its best today (2011) painted Matt Black and sitting lower with different style wheels , I know its a 4x4 but it just sits to damn high, especially obvious on the white model.

Updated: 4/8/11