Whiteside Customs SEMA 2013 Mustang Preview!

As I am sure you are well aware it is that time of the year when everyone within the Aftermarket tuning industry sets their sights on Las Vegas for the SEMA Show and this year is no different. It is around this time that you start to hear about some of the new projects that will be unveiled. As ever the Ford Mustang has proven to be a popular car with tuners especially when you consider that the next generation Mustang will be built on a new platform altogether. Enough of the background story here is a preview of the Whiteside Customs Mustang. The build is all about building a car that drives great on the track and road. The modifications to the chassis include the  Whiteline Suspension package using BC goilovers and light weight Forgeline Wheels with Michilin Pilot Super Sport Tyres helping with the road holding capabilities. The car also features a 4 Point Roll cage to stiffen up the frame and a Wilwood brake package. This all helps to improve the cars handling in the corners.
The 5.0  engineis perfect for performance upgrades, so it would have been rude not to. Whiteside have chosen to go with the 2300 Magnacharger from Magnuson and an exhaust from MPRP. Add to this the custom Roadwire interior and this one well designed and thought out street Mustang that can also handle well on the track.