iLevel by AccuAir Demo Video

“i-Level” features include: 
 • Offers full control over your e-Level Air Suspension System through an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 
 • App is available for FREE download through the Apple App Store. 
 • Requires purchase of the “iLevel WiFi Module” which is plug-n-play with all existing e-Level systems. 
 • Select or save from the e-Level system’s 3 automatic height settings. 
 • Manually adjust the height of all four corners of the vehicle. 
 • Select the e-Level’s “All-Down” function for parking. 
 • Intuitive system setup and selection of e-Level system features. 
 • Pop-up system diagnostics with helpful trouble shooting tips built-in. 
 • Fully operational with vehicle ignition ON and operates in “Key-Fob” mode with vehicle ignition OFF (allows 3 height and “All-Down” selection). 
 • “SmartSleepTM” function prevents battery drain for extended parking. 
 • Development of the Android version of the “iLevel” app is already underway and scheduled for release in mid-2013. For more information on the“iLevel” please visit .