Waxstock Show 2013 Date & Venue Now Confirmed!


Waxstock 2013 will be held on Sunday 7th July at Peterborough Arena.

We have moved this from the same date as last year due to the bank holiday and an event clash at the venue that would have seen us sharing the site. The benefit is that July tends to have better weather than June and it's bang in the middle of the car care season rather than right at the end of it. The problems are, as you would expect at this time of the year, date clashes with other events. Goodwood Festival of Speed moved from its traditional weekend and now clashes with the event (unforeseen). Luckily this is a 4 day event so 1 day at Waxstock means visitors can go to both. GTI International has also moved unexpectedly to a new venue and two weeks later in the season to the same weekend. Again, this is a multi-day event for visitors, so you can always do the Saturday at GTI and the Sunday at Waxstock - but its bad news for traders and concours entrants. GTI has been late June for years and we never anticipated a move when our new date was scheduled (the only suitable date available at Peterborough). Japfest 2 is also on the same day, which again, is unfortunate and undesirable, but at least Japfest itself is clear, earlier in the year. As ever, finding a date/venue that suits everybody is tricky to say the least, and there will be clashes with other shows whichever weekend it is on, but we will always work with venues and show calendars to try and pick the least disruptive and most desirable date possible for Waxstock as the years roll on. This year, we will be having a 'Festival of Shine' and hoping that as many of you as possible can make it.

Because of the event clash on the same weekend, Peterborough was looking less likely as a venue and we were in talks with many other venues and even event organisers. We looked at stadiums, other exhibition centres, even car museums, universities and posh hotels (thanks to all who made suggestions). Some places wanted to charge our visitors to park, had little parking or outside space, had poor lighting or were simply too small or prohibitively expensive. One venue wanted 4k GBP just to clean up, forgetting that this is a one day mainly-indoor car show, rather than a week long festival of litter! In the end, a cancellation freed up a weekend in July at Peterborough and we decided that the venue offered the best outside areas, indoor space (with natural light in the 1k m2 Atrium) and hardstanding parking - at sensible costs. We plan on growing the show a little more in 2013 compared to 2012 and make it even better.

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