Wheel Whores Wheel Cleaner & Wax Out Now

We had heard rumours about these new premium wheel care products a couple of months back but they are now finally here and available to purchase whilst stock last. Which knowing the polularity of the Wheel Whores brand may not be too long. So get them while you can! The product line consists of a Wheel Wax which was developed over 12 months and provides protection against brake dust, road grime and helps to prevent pitting. Up next is their line of Wheel Cleaners, their Heavy Hitting wheel Cleaner is acid free and specifically developed for Clear Coated and Lacquered wheels. For those with wheels with stainless steel and bare metal surface there is the flagship Mild Detoxing Wheel Clear which uses a ph balanced formula. All products feature the famous Wheel Whores bubblegum scent and are made using natural ingredients.
Click on the following link to buy www.knockingshop.wheel-whores.com