Platinum Motorsport Mansory Porsche Panamera Turbo Build Video!

As you know doubt already know in the custom car game Platinum Motorsport are the leaders in the world of luxury exotic customisation, from Mclaren SLR's to Bugatti Veyron's, cars that are rarely touched. They have worked on them all! Some of you may have already seen this particular Porsche at Cars and Coffee in Irvine, as there are plenty of pics floating around the net of this particular car. This new video from Platinum Motorsport shows the installation of the full Mansory performance and styling package being taken from a stock black Panemera to the the matt orange creation you see before you, all finished of with a drive through the streets of Los Angeles and a photoshoot, well it would be rude not to! The carbon fibre details truly take this car to another level!