More Than A Scene Thing - Airbagged Trailers Video

The idea behind the "Airbagged Trailer" is much more than just a "scene" thing. The possibilities are way beyond what you may first envisage, so lets start with the most obvious, the bagged trailer is going to look way cool at the track or a show laying frame on the ground, but that is just the start. To begin, how much easier it will be to load a car with a lowered ride height onto the trailer, no need to remove bumpers, just drive on drive off and whilst on the move the "airbag" setup will provide a much smoother ride than traditional "leaf sprung" trailers. The onboard air system also gives you the opportunity to adjust tyre pressures and to even run air tools. The trailers are currently only available in New Zealand and the base model is priced at NZ$16,0000. US production is expected in 2014.

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