Mr Skittles Wax Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice have created - with the expertise and assistance of Obi-Dan Karnubi - a very special Limited Edition wax that Mr Skittles can call his own.
Skittles Wax is an ODK recipe in Plumage Blue with a fragrance reminiscent of Skittles confectionery. As a special gift, each wax contains a Bar Fly Mr Skittles enamel badge, immersed into the wax. IMPORTANT - this needs to be removed ASAP as the enamel paint will degrade over time due to solvent attack if left in the wax. So either keep it as a collectible wax and don't use it, or get your enamel badge out, mush down the disturbed wax and use it to your heart's content.

This Skittles Wax comes in a limited edition of 64 units only - one for every year the dodo was officially in existence. In 1598 the dodo was discovered by Dutch sailors. According to many reports, 1662 saw the dodo disappear forever, barbecued into extinction. There may be conjecture re the dates, but our research led us to the ones we are using... the result 64 jars, one for every one of the 64 years. The 100ml Pots are priced at 39.95 GBP each. Be sure to act fast as these will sell out very quickly! Information can be found here.

Update Sold Out!