Product Review: Waxybox Mini Retro Pack

This is the second time we have reviewed Waxybox Monthly the difference this time is we chose the mini pack. Straight of it should be noted that the mini pack is only £5.00 including first class postage. No box this time just a foil envelope and it did arrive on the stated day, which is a plus point. Now lets rip in to it and see what is in the package, this was somewhat disappointing to be honest, there was just not much there. Just two very small sachets one containing the wax, the other a sample of Bullet Polish Carnuba Creme Glaze, 10 ml Raceglaze Car Shampoo (in plastic tube), air freshener, sticker and a small wax applicator. For only a fiver perhaps we are being too critical, but in our opinion we would stick to the regular sized Waxybox if we were to buy one in the future. 

Price: 3.5/5
Contents: 2/5
Value: 2/5 
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