Just Blaze Media Visit West Coast Customs in Corona California Part 1

It's Friday afternoon, we are on our way from Palm Springs to Irvine for Cars and Coffee, the next morning and with a couple of hours to kill we felt it would be rude not to take a small detour and drop by West Coast Customs in Corona, its been over 5 years since our last visit. When we turned up we saw that they were doing some filming for their television show, but undeterred we went to have a look around and we are glad we did. Many of cars there we recognised like Will.I.Am's red Corvette, to the shops own Wrench Rod complete with its custom rust patina paint job, to the 3 door Dukes of Hazzard inspired Charger, which still looks fresh today. The level of detail in the work up close was unreal so much so, we will leave the pics to do the talking. Part 2 is coming soon!

Photography (c) Just Blaze Media 2013